Tami Lee & The Northern Lights

Nashville recording artist Tami Lee developed a passion for Country Music at a very young age. Tami Lee was born and raised in the Northern Minnesota community of Newfolden. Tami spent most of her life involved in music. Her earliest musical experiences were with her family playing and singing Country and Gospel Music. Her family was very active in music, playing and singing together often. Tami recalls, "I remember Grandma Elsie would play Fiddle and my Dad would play guitar, we’d all join right in!" Music became a regular part of life for Tami and her family. "I grew up thinking that everybody played and sang, because we always did!" At the tender age of 5, Tami learned how to play the piano and she never "turned down" an opportunity to play! "Even back then, I loved to perform. I would play piano for anyone who’d listen!"

Tami learned to play guitar as well as a few other instruments, when she began to find her greatest strength-her voice! "I started singing whenever I could, and I fell in love with it! I remember using our picnic table as a stage, and I’d climb up and start to sing for family and friends!"

When Tami was 14 years old, she began singing gospel music in a band with her Dad. "We’d perform whenever we could, mostly at churches and events". The gospel performances proved to be a very important stepping stone for the young singer. "It was a great time for me! I learned so much!"

As Tami Lee grew up, she began to discover other types of music too. "I always loved the Country Artists like Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, and Loretta Lynn, but I also liked Rock and Classical Music". The different styles of music were critical to Tami’s development as a vocalist. The musical influences flavored and seasoned her abilities as a singer.

Even as a teenager, Tami spent much of her time polishing and shaping her craft. She enjoyed singing in the choir in high school and singing with the gospel group on the weekends. Music began to consume most of her time.

These days Tami Lee and The Northern Lights travel and perform often. The group has been described as "World Class". They feature a great variety of music, excellent sound and lights, and a very entertaining show. The group seems to have a good time everywhere they go! "We’ve met so many great people out there, and the response has been great! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such supportive people. I especially appreciate my family, without them, none of this would’ve happened! They are always encouraging me to move forward with my music! I can’t thank them enough!"

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