Pelican 212

Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana and currently based in Nashville, the 9-member family band consists of mom Linda Rees and 8 of her 10 children.

The New Orleans-style Dixieland band includes 12-year old identical twins Max and Kolbe, 12-year old Giovanni and 10 year-old Molly on trumpets, making them "the world’s shortest horn band."

Katie, the oldest sibling of the family (and the band) is 33 years old. Mollie is the youngest member: 10 years old.

Pelican212 practiced their music through the time-honored art-form of "busking" on the streets of Nashville, New Orleans and Pensacola, Florida for affirmation, applause and tips. Their goal: Sidewalk today. Superbowl tomorrow.

They’re known for their dynamic performance of the classic "When the Saints Go Marching In" as well as Motown and soul hits including "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch," "I Want You Back" and "Mr. Big Stuff."

They gained prominence on the NBC television children’s talent show "Little Big Shots starring Steve Harvey."

Soon after Little Big Shots aired the twins were invited to appear on The Tonight Show to give Jimmy Fallon a lesson on the trumpet.

Kolbe's Bio

  • Born in Pensacola, Florida 5-23-2004
  • Lead Trumpet, Lead Singer, Accordion, Keys
  • I love my family and friends
  • I like pop music, old rock music, and motown music
  • Goals: My goal is to make people happy and to be successful

Max's Bio

  • Born in Pensacola, Florida 5-23-2004
  • Lead Trumpet, Drums, Vocalist, Keyboard
  • Likes pop music, motown music, old rock music, family and friends, learning different instruments and songs
  • Goals: Making my music popular and successfully making the trumpet popular. Making people feel good about themselves

Marie's Bio
Marie was born on June 19th of 2003 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is in the band Pelican212 as the trombone player, bassist and one of the lead and harmony vocalists. She also sometimes plays drums. Marie has been playing trombone for about five years, and three years on the bass and drums. Her goals are to be successful in the music business, to make people happy and perform for halftime at the Superbowl. Some of the things she likes to do are hang out with friends, play athletic games and FaceTime with her sister and two niece's. Marie likes to listen to Pop, Motown and soul.

Giovanni's Bio

  • Born in New Orleans, Louisiana 9-26-2004
  • Backup trumpet, bongos
  • Likes pop music, family and friends, music, Star Trek and art
  • Goals: to be a great pop artist to show the world that trumpet is a great way to express yourself
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