Kick'n Up Kountry June 11-14, 2025


Lady A
Josh Turner
Diamond Rio
The Kentucky Headhunters
Eli Alger and The Faster Horses
Quick 56
Lita Ford
Dariann Leigh
Zakk Granddahl
Ron Moshier

Wednesday, June 12th

12:00PM Bingo by the Eagles
5:00PM Firehouse
7:00PM Lita Ford
9:00PM Warrant
Afterparty* Zakk Grandahl

Thursday, June 13th

2:00PM Quick 56
5:00PM Silverado
7:00PM The Kentucky Headhunters
9:00PM Diamond Rio
Afterparty* Quick 56

Friday, June 14th

2:00PM Ron Moshier
5:00PM Eli Alger & The Faster Horses
7:00PM Josh Turner
9:00PM Lady A
Afterparty* Eli Alger & The Faster Horses

Saturday, June 15th

12:00PM Ultimate Baja Racing
2:00PM Ron Moshier
5:00PM Dariann Leigh
7:00PM Lanco
9:00PM Parmalee
Afterparty* Dariann Leigh

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