All sales are final. Purchased tickets are non-refundable with no exceptions. Prices and policies are subject to change without notice or obligation. Tickets in US Funds only.

What to Expect

After arriving at Kick’n Up Kountry, come to the gate to exchange your ticket for your wrist band. VIP and General, go to that area. This will make it a smooth entrance for everyone. There is a parking fee per vehicle; this must be purchased at the ticket booth or with your online order.

Your ticket will be exchanged for a wrist band. The wrist band will allow you in and out of the concert grounds whenever you like.

You will be asked to open purses, bags ect. for inspection and possibly your person will also be searched.

You do need to bring a lawn chair if you do not want to sit in the grass, or stand.

Cash will be accepted for food, but only tickets will be accepted for alcoholic beverages. You will have to go to the ticket booth to buy your drink tickets.

Food vendors will accept cash.

What to Bring

Minnesota weather can be hot during the day, and cool at night, or it could rain. Please come prepared. The Kick’n Up Kountry Merchandise booth will have rain coats and sweatshirts available, plus lots of other fun items!

General Rules

NO firearms or weapons of any kind will be allowed WITH or WITHOUT a permit on the Kick’n Up Kountry grounds.

No motorized vehicles allowed in the concert area.

No ATV’s, golf carts, boats or powered scooters–Only Kick’n Up Kountry authorized vehicles and staff are allowed to enter with such vehicles.

No coolers, beverages of any kind, no food, glass, video cameras or umbrellas may be brought into the concert area.

Please think of your pets and leave them at home. They will be much happier. Pets will not be allowed on the Kick’n Up Kountry grounds.

No one under the age of 21 can consume alcohol anywhere on the Kick’n Up Kountry grounds this includes the campgrounds. Wristbands will be used to identify adult and minor Kick’n Up Kountry kickers!

In order to purchase alcohol tickets, you will have to show a photo ID to receive an “over 21″ wristband. You must wear this at all times. You must also be able to produce your ID at all times if one of the Kick’n Up Kountry event staff requests to see it. If you cannot produce identification, your wristband will be taken, and you will be removed from the premises. Keep your ID on you at ALL times to avoid this from happening.

Kick’n Up Kountry is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets, theft, loss, damage of personal property or personal injury.

No overnight parking allowed, please remove your vehicles by 2am. Vehicles will be towed at owners expense.

Persons engaging in violent, obscene, or unruly behavior will be immediately removed from concert site, parking lots or campgrounds. Persons may also be subject to arrest.

No refunds will be given for tickets or camping.

In the event of inclement weather, the show will be interrupted and resume again as soon as weather permits. Tickets are sold on a "rain or shine" basis. No refunds will be given for delays or cancellations due to bad weather or event of Force Majeure.

Camping Rules

Gates open at 10:00AM

A vehicle permit must be purchased to reserve each campsite. Every vehicle entering the campground MUST have this permit. If you do not purchase a permit you do not have a campsite reserved.

Everyone entering campgrounds must purchase a wristband/camping pass; however, one pass is included with the purchase of a campsite/vehicle pass.

Campfires are allowed! You must have a fire ring or enclosed container.

Firearms are not allowed on the festival property WITH or WITHOUT a permit.

No weapons of any kind.

No fireworks.

No illegal substances of any kind.

No pets.

No ATV’s, golf carts, boats or powered scooters–Only Kick’n Up Kountry authorized vehicles and staff are allowed to enter with such vehicles.

No cruising on motorcycles or any vehicles inside the campgrounds.

No one under the age of 21 can consume alcohol anywhere on the Kick’n Up Kountry grounds.

No large amount of beer or kegs of beer in camping area.

No live music in campgrounds or any type of attraction that would contribute in drawing a crowd.

No supplying or selling any alcoholic beverages.

No soliciting of any kind.

Please make sure your site is clean before leaving the campgrounds.

Those who have difficulty walking will be provided with golf cart shuttles.

All vehicles must fit on your campsite.

Everyone in the campgrounds MUST have a festival wristband.

There is a noise curfew of 2:00A.M. in the Reserved section and 2:30AM in the General section.

Extreme noise is never allowed in any campground at any time.

Those who want to camp together should arrive together.

Campsites cannot be saved for late arrivals.

Generators MUST be shut off by 2:00AM

Every motorized vehicle entering the campground is required to have a pass. You must purchase an “Extra Vehicle Pass” for any and all non-camping vehicles parked at your campsite. For your safety, all vehicles MUST fit on your campsite. If your vehicles do not fit safely, you will be required to purchase an additional campsite.

Kick’n Up Kountry is NOT responsible for any tickets, goods or property that is stolen, lost or misplaced.

Kick’n Up Kountry is NOT responsible for any personal injuries.

Individuals who engage in illegal, violent, or unruly behavior anywhere on the festival property, will immediately be dismissed from the grounds.

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